How to Earn PEDs With Websites for Earning PEDs

Basic Info About Websites for Earning PEDs

There are few websites that offer Entropia Universe players opportunity to earn PEDs outside of game. I am personally using all of them (I was even payout representative for one of them at Planet Calypso) and I can confirm they all pay. That being said and cleared (because I know a lot of people will first ask if sites are real or scam) - let's move on to explain how does it all work.

So, How Does it All Work?

First of all we need to understand that Internet has become a huge business in last decade and that there are huge amounts of money spent on various forms of online advertising. Most of websites today exist to make some profit for it's owners (logically)... Websites where people can earn PEDs are not different - they are making some profit for site owners but they are special because part of website earnings belongs to you and you can withdraw those earnings as PEDs.
Each of these websites will have various tasks you can do... Common tasks are: watching short video clip, filling up a survey, installing (testing) some phone app or software, trying out some new PC or Phone video game, listening to online radio, etc etc... Whenever you successfully finish some task - both site owner and you are earning some money. Smaller part of earnings is held by site owner and other, bigger, part is added to your account. And those earnings you collect are transferred to your Avatar in Entropia Universe game by one of payment representatives after you request payout on site. And that's it - simple as that.

List of Websites for Earning PEDs

Here I will list of all websites where You can earn PEDs, mentioning pros and cons for each website... So let's start...

1. Lucky Boxes Lucky Boxes Game is simple game where You can open few boxes / day for chance to earn some free PEDs. There's also an Offers Page as part of "Lucky Boxes Game" where you can do some offers or simple tasks for even more PEDs.

This game is created and administrated by owner of website (me), so You can be 100% sure that it's not some sort of scam and that it pays on time :)
It doesn't require registration of any sort, it doesn't require lots of time (just few minutes a day), it doesn't require any skills - it only requires a bit of luck for You to avoid ampty boxes and find some PEDs...

2. EntropiaPartners

Second website for earning PEDs I recommend is EntropiaPartners. This website is online and is helping people earn PEDs for years... There are people who have earned over 10.000 PEDs since site was created back in 2013.

Here's screenshot of their top earners I took at 24th December 2015.:

Here's screenshot of 50 PEDs payment I received from EntropiaPartners on December 28th 2015.:

And screenshot of 62.93 PEDs payment I received on July 4th 2016. (I wasn't active a lot so it took a bit time since last payment):

Here's screenshot of the most recent payment I received from Entropia Partners (March 2019):

Recently EntropiaPartners introduced their own investments program. By using it you can invest PEDs and gain interest over time. Another good thing about EntropiaPartners is fact that you can request payout whenever payment representative is online and get your PEDs in matter of minutes in game.

>>> Join EntropiaPartners and Start Earning PEDs <<<


The last site I will talk about is PEDtoClick... I was part of PEDtoClick's team (I was payment representative for Planet Calypso for almost a year back in 2016.), therefore I can confirm it is another good website where you can earn PEDs.

There are various ways to earn PEDs here: Clicking Ads, Taking Surveys, Watching Videos, Listening to Online Radio, Taking Free and Paid Offers, Installing/Testing Apps and Software, etc... PEDtoClick offers opportunity to earn large amounts of PEDs in short time, especially by taking highly paid surveys or limited time offers that appear from time to time and that are highly paid (sometimes over 100 PEDs per offer)...

Earning over 100 PEDs in a week is not hard task at this website (depending of your free time and country you live in).

My Personal Opinion About Websites For Earning PEDs

All of these websites are GREAT !!! With some knowledge and practice you can earn a lot of PEDs every month by using both websites. Some offers are good for times when you are AFK (listening to online radio for example), other offers are good to complement and maximize your earnings while you are Sweating.