How to Earn PEDs by Participating in Entrolympic Events

Basic Info About Entrolympic Events

Entrolympic Events is yearly event in Entropia Universe, founded and run by player "Jo Johaoninho90 jo".
The first Entrolympic event was held back in 2018, and the biggest ever Entrolympic event is planned for the upcoming 2022.
Entrolympic is a multi-event, meaning that the whole (main) event consists of several mini-events, all gathered under the name Entrolympic. Most of the Entrolympic events are free to participate, and all of the event carry valuable prices in PEDs for event winners.

Entrolympic Events 2022

As I mentioned before already - Entrolympic Events 2022 are gonna be the biggest Entrolympic event so far. Events will spand across the whole year 2022, starting from January 1st up to December 31st.
Players will be able to compete in: Hunting and Mining, Climbing, Crafting and Treasure Hunt Events across several planets of the Entropia Universe.

*** More info about particaular events can be found in official event thread at PCF.

My Personal Opinion About Entrolympic Events

Entrolympic Events were/are great way for players to have fun, to make new friends in game and to get a chance to win some free PEDs.

I am proud to say that has sponsored all Entrolympic Events until today, including the upcoming Entrolympic 2022 :) That sums it all I think... If I considered an event good enough to sponsor it - You SHOULD ALL CONSIDER PARTICIPATING IN IT, no doubt about that :)