How to Earn PEDs by Being a Mercenary

Basic Info About Being a Mercenary

Hunting is one the 3 main occupations in Entropia Universe (besides Crafting and Mining) and a lot of players hunt on a daily basis. Sometimes players want to hunt higher level mobs then they can so they form a hunting team with other players.

This can be done in two ways...
1. You invite some friends and form team with them, sharing loot from hunting equally
2. You hire other players as mercenaries (you pay them to deal damage) and you keep whole loot for yourself.

Mercenary earnings will vary, depending of equipment he uses and expenses he has. It is not unusual to get weapon and ammo from team leader instead of being paid in PEDs - which is good because you are raising your weapon skills free of charge.

My Personal Opinion About Being a Mercenary

Being a mercenary can never be your main plan for making PEDs. If, and when, you see a chance to get mercenary job - go for it because it's a win-win situation for you.

Earning PEDs as a mercenary on daily basis is hard, especially for beginners. First of all, I rarely see people asking for mercenaries.
Second - you need high skill levels in order to be able to use expensive weapons and make some notable damage.

Mercenaries are mostly hired by high level players who are hunting high level mobs (so they need big amounts of damage which is something new players can't deliver).