How to Earn PEDs by Taming Pets in Entropia Universe

Basic Info About Taming Pets

There are many sorts of wild beats in Entropia Universe that can be tamed by players. Those tamed animals become pets.

Pets are useful because they can give passive effects to their master (player)... Different sorts of pets are giving different buffs.

Tameable animals/monsters have a small heart left of their health bar. To tame wild animal or monster player needs a Whip weapon. After taming animal or monster - new Pet is added to player's inventory and that pet can later be sold to other players for PEDs (or traded for some other items).

Short Video of Taming Pets

My Personal Opinion About Taming Pets

Pets are not the most important part of Entropia Universe gameplay but they do have their part, especially among older and richer players who are heavily using Pets and their buffs.