How to Earn PEDs in Sponsored Hunting Events in Entropia Universe

Basic Info About Sponsored Hunting Events

As far as I am aware, there is only one event of this kind in Entropia Universe and is organized by PFEU (People's Front of Entropia Universe). Before event hosts randomly pick up several players out of many who applied to participate. Lucky winners meet up with event host (and one healer sometimes) at specified teleport where hunting team is formed and where host hands each participant free weapon and free ammunition. Team then goes to selected hunting location... Shortly after hunt starts... 100% of loot is kept by participants so this is not only good way to earn some free PEDs but it is also a good way to raise your weapon skills a little bit.

More Info About PFEU Hunting Event

At the moment PFEU Hunting Event is scheduled once a week, and it takes place only at Planet Arkadia (in past, events also took place on planets Calypso and Rocktropia). Times of events, registration instructions and all additional info can be found at Event Official Website.

PFEU Hunting Event Videos

Here's short video od PFEU Hunting Event from Rocktropia (when event was organized there), including Global that team had shortly after they started hunting.

My Personal Opinion About Sponsored Hunting Events

Well, I think there's nothing to talk about this... Event is 100% free, you get weapons and ammo for free, you get free transport to hunting location and you get free healing. You are keeping whole loot from hunt (free PEDs) and you train your weapon skills free of charge. It can't be better then that :) One big THANKS to people who are sponsoring and running PFEU Hunting Event !!! And hopefully there will be similar events in future, organized by some other communities or societies in future.