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"There are several paths one can take, but not every path is open to you." - Claire Bloom.

The same thought can be applied to Entropia Universe... "There are many ways you can earn PEDs, but not every way is open to you." - EarnPEDs.com Founder

EarnPEDs.com will help you to choose the best way(s) to make PEDs (Project Entropia Dollars) :) Almost everything in Entropia universe costs something, so the more PEDs you have - the faster and easier you can advance in game.

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100% FREE Ways to Earn PEDs


Sweating is the most popular way to earn PEDs for beginners... Why? - Because it doesn't require any investments in equipment and does not require any skills.
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Collecting Fruits

Searching for Fruits, Stones and Dung is another completely free and risk free way to earn PEDs as beginner. Method is 100% free but requires time and lots of patience.
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Gathering Oil

You earn PEDs by picking up oil at oil rigs... This method of earning PEDs is also free but it is risky because oil fields are PvP (Player vs Player) Zones and you can get killed by other players.
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Lucky Boxes Game

Simple browser game created by EarnPEDs.com - open few Lucky Boxes every day and win FREE PEDs. No registration needed, no investing of any kind - just free PEDs for You...
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As member of these websites you can take various tasks (watch videos, listen to online radio, take surveys, install app/software, try new games, etc...) and get paid for your work in PEDs.
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Sponsored Hunting

You get free weapon and free ammunition... You go hunting with few other players and healer... You keep 100% of loot from hunting... Sounds too good to be true? It does but it IS true :)
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EarnPEDs.com Society

Join EarnPEDs.com society and earn 1 PED every month (or 0.03 PED every day) as our member by being active in game.
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Reporting Bugs

Found a bug / exploit in Entropia Universe? Do not use it and risk ban - rather report it to MindArk and you might be nicely rewarded.
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Sponsored Racing

Do you like racing? If you do - then you might be a winner of next Sponsored Racing Event and earn some PEDs as reward.
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Watching Streams

YouTube and Twich streamers who give free PEDs and/or organize giveaways for their watchers/followers/subscribers.
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Special Events

Special events that are organized from time to time in which Entropia Universe players can participate free of charge and win PEDs or various Items as gifts.

Entrolympic Events

Participate in several Entrolympic events during 2020, have some fun, meet new players in game and earn free PEDs if you win.
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Ways to Earn PEDs That Require Low-Medium Investments

Taxi Service

You earn PEDs for transporting other players to their desired location(s).
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Healing (Fapping)

You earn PEDs for healing other player(s) while they hunt or during events.
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Trading (Reselling)

It's simple - you buy items at low price and sell at higher. But you need PEDs to get started...
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Owning AUDs

You earn small revenue by owning AUDs (Arkadia Underground Deeds) on daily basis.
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Pets Taming

You earn PEDs by taming wild monsters and selling them as pets.
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You earn PEDs by helping other players change their avatar appearance (hair, face or body).
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Event Hosting

You earn PEDs by being hired by someone to organize or host in-game events.

Payments Rep.

You earn PEDs by processing payments for websites where people can earn PEDs.
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Mercenary Service

You earn PEDs by fighting for other player's interests (during hunting or in PVP fights).
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Mentoring Program

You earn free item(s) by either finishing mentoring program as disciple, or as mentor by having your disciples graduate.
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Selling Skills

Sell skill points that were previously extracted from your avatar and stored into ESI (Empty Skill Implant) for PEDs.
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Pet Trainer Service

By offering Pet Trainer Service You earn PEDs by helping other players to train their pet(s) (increase pet(s) levels).

Owning ComPet Deed

Failed MindArk Project, that left thousands of Entropia players with big loses.
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Texturing / Colouring

You earn PEDs by texturing or colouring items (clothes, vehicles...) for other players.

Being Space Pirate

You earn PEDs by robbing other players who travel through Entropia Universe space.

Owning AMDs

Info about Arkadia Moon Deeds, and my opinion about buying them.
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Owning CPSs

Info about Crystal Palace Shares, and my opinion about buying them.
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Owning AGSs

Info about Ancient Greece Shares, and my opinion about buying them.
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Ways to Earn PEDs That Require High Investments

Owning CLDs

You earn few PEDs by owning CLDs (Calypso Land Deeds) on weekly basis.
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Owning MotherShip

You earn PEDs by offering transport service between planets on your mothership.

Owning Land Areas

You earn PEDs by collecting taxes that were generated by Land Areas you own.

Owning Shopping Mall

You earn PEDs by owning whole shopping mall (taxing smaller shops inside mall).

Owning Planet

You earn PEDs by owning one of planets in Entropia Universe.

Owning Bank

You earn PEDs by being owner of a Bank in Entropia Universe.

Bonus Tutorials and Articles

How To be Eco in Entropia Universe

Tutorial covering various ways to be eco in Entropia Universe.
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How To Earn PEDs in 2020.

Various ways to earn PEDs outside of Entropia Universe game.
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