How to Earn PEDs by Owning AUDs in Entropia Universe

Basic Info About AUDs (Arkadia Underground Deeds)

AUDs (Arkadia Underground Deeds) are small shares of Planet Arkadia. Planet Arkadia owners issued 200.000 of these shares back in 2014. - each AUD costed 50 PEDs ($5 USD) in Entropia Universe Online Shop (the last AUDs were sold from online shop back in late January 2016. and today they can be purchased only from other players). Each AUD gains small revenue for it's owner (usually between 0.01 and 0.03 PEDs every day).

My Personal Opinion About Arkadia Underground Deeds

2019 UPDATE: In 2018 Arkadia Studios introduced Arkadia Moon Deeds.

Before that moment, AUDs were the most affordable deeds in Entropia Universe, with cost of 70-75 PEDs / Deed.
Now, AMDs are the cheapest with price of 60 PEDs / Deed.

Out of all Deeds in Entropia Universe - Arkadia Underground Deeds are in the middle. They are worse then CLDs, but better then AMDs.

So, Investing in AUDs is good if you have small amounts of PEDs that are collecting dust in your account. If You have bigger amounts - buy CLDs instead because of better ROI.