How to Earn PEDs by Healing in Entropia Universe

Basic Info About Earning PEDs by Healing

To offer healing service in Entropia Universe you must have healing equipment and skills (Paramedic profession) required to properly use your healing equipment.

How to Earn PEDs by Healing

This is a bit hard for newbies. To be able to offer healing service and be paid in PEDs you need to invest big money in raising Paramedic profession and buying equipment (can cost over few 1000 PEDs).

Because of this, new players usually offer "Healing for Decay"...
This means that healer will get paid at the end of Healing Job as much as his healing equipment was damaged during healing session. This way newbies have a chance to skill up Paramedic profession for free.

Players with better equipment and higher skills can charge per hour (for example 20 PEDs for 1 hour of healing) or by % of loot (if they are for example healing a hunter).