How to Earn PEDs by Trading in Entropia Universe

Basic Info About Earning PEDs by Trading (Reselling)

This is pretty much straightforward - you need to find items that are in demand, to buy them at lower price and sell them for a bit more PEDs. To buy or sell items you can use Auction House, shops in shopping malls or direct trades with other players. You might find our Entropia Chat Channels part of site useful, especially Trading Channels section.

The more PEDs you have when you start trading - the better.
* More PEDs mean you will be able to buy big amounts of stackable items in bulk for a bit lower price per unit and sell them in smaller amounts later (for a bit higher price per unit).
* More PEDs mean you will be able to buy expensive items from players who might need PEDs urgently and are willing to sell expensive items a bit cheaper - and sell those items at a bit higher price later.