How to Earn PEDs by Picking Up Oil at Oil Rigs in Entropia Universe

Basic Info About Picking Up Oil at Oil Rigs

Oil Rigs (or Beer Garden at Planet Rocktropia) are spots on map where game generates Oil Drums (or Beer Kegs) that can be collected by nearby players free of charge. Oil Rigs and Beer Garden are PvP (Player vs Player) Zones so You can always be killed by other player(s). More info about each place below :)

Orthos Oil Field at Planet Calypso

UPDATE: April 2016. - Orthos Oil Field (Planet Calypso) is shut down by MindArk and Oil can not be picked up there anymore.
UPDATE: December 17. 2016. - Orthos Oil Field (Planet Calypso) is still closed and will stay that way according to Planet Calypso Adviser Saguaro, here's screenshot of Local chat in Camp Icarus I made few minutes ago.

Orthos Oil Field was spot where Planet Calypso newbies had opportunity to earn some easy PEDs.
However, this is not the case anymore, since Orthos Oil Field is permanently closed since December 2016...

There used to be organized line for picking up Oil most of the time, including a guard or two who were maintaining order...

Here's Video of a day at Orthos Oil Field looked like...

Ashi Oil Field at Planet Calypso

Ashi Oil Rig is still open and is generatig Oil, however - this area is occupied by the stronest players in game, players who will kill on sight anyone getting close to the spot where Oil is generated.

Beer Garden at Planet Rocktropia

Beer Garden is place on Planet Rocktropia where players can collect Motorhead Kegs.
These Beer Kegs spawn much more often compared to Oil Rigs, however each Beer Keg is only worth 0.01 PED...

This place was opened back in 2012 and is still running, after all these years :)

Earning PEDs by Picking Up Oil at Oil Rigs

After you picked up Oil there are few things you can do with it.
1. You can use it to drive your vehicles
2. You can sell it in Auction House for PEDs
3. You can sell it directly to other players for PEDs or Items you need

My Personal Opinion About Earning PEDs by Picking Up Oil at Oil Rigs

If You're planning to earn some PEDs by picking up Oil on Planet Calypso - You can forget about it unless You're one of the strongest players in game. The only place where new players could get some free Oil, Orthos Oil Field, is permanently closed and will not be open in future. The only active Oil rig is Ashi and it is controlled by the strongest players who will kill anyone on sight (especially newbies and low level players). If You really want to earn PEDs with way, the only way to do it is to go to Beer Garden at planet Rocktropia...