About Me

Short Introduction

Hi all :) I started playing Entropia Universe on Planet Calypso back in February 2015.
I spent most of the time in game hunting and exploring planet Calypso (enjoying beautiful landscapes, collecting teleports and searching for fruits/stones).
I graduated in October 2015. and since then I am accepting active players who need a mentor as disciples.
I was PEDtoClick.com payment representative for planet Calypso for about 1 year back in 2016.

My in game avatar is Dex Toxic Mirkov, looking forward to playing with you :)

Few Words About EarnPEDs.com

When I started playing Entropia I spent weeks reading forums, various websites/blogs and watching YouTube video tutorials to gain knowledge about game. However, all I managed to find was basic information about sweating, walking for fruits and similar beginner stuff. And Entropia Universe is much more then that... That's why I decided to build this website and to show people how complex game is (and how many different ways of making PEDs it offers)... But that's not all... I plan to fill this website with lots of useful stuff that should be helpful for both beginner and experienced players.

Who Am I In Real Life?

* Born in 1983, divorced, no kids so far
* Living in Belgrade, Serbia. Spent 5 years in Germany (2014-2019)
* Full-time job in Construction company + Part-time web designer, web programmer and graphic designer
* Cryptocurrency investor & trader
* I speak Serbian (Croatian, Bosnian), English and German (B1 level)