How to Earn PEDs in Sponsored Racing Events in Entropia Universe

Basic Info About Sponsored Racing Events

As far as i am aware, there is only one event of this kind in Entropia Universe and is organized by PFEU (People's Front of Entropia Universe). Event is weekly race at one of three Entropia Universe planets: Calypso, Arkadia and Rocktropia. Race winners are rewarded PEDs.

More Info About PFEU Racing Event

At the moment PFEU Racing Event only takes place at Next Island (in past event was organized at planets Calypso, Arkadia and Rocktropia). Times of event and all additional info can be found at Event Official Website.

My Personal Opinion About Sponsored Racing Events

If you like racing, driving Entropia vehicles and having chance to earn some free PEDs while having lots of fun - give PFEU Racing Event a shot :)