How to Earn PEDs From Mentoring Program

Basic Info About Mentoring Program

Mentoring program is one of the things in Entropia Universe created to help new players learn about the game.

The main part of mentoring program is relationship between two players: Mentor and Disciple. Mentor is older and more experienced player, while Disciple is usually new player who just started exploring Entropia Universe.

So, How to Earn PEDs From Mentoring Program?

You don't earn PEDs directly - instead you are rewarded items that are worth some PEDs.
As Mentor, for each Disciple that finishes mentoring program (graduates) you get one random item as present from MindArk. Value of these items vary from few PEDs to few 100s of PEDs. Often You will be getting parts of "Gremlin: Mentor Edition" Armor.
As Disciple, for completing mentoring program you get complete set of Adjusted Pixie Armor worth around 80 PEDs (if You graduate on planet Calypso) or Musca Adjusted Armor worth around 100 PEDs (if You graduate on planet Arkadia).

Want to Earn a Bit More as Disciple?

If you are new in Entropia Universe and you need Mentor - feel free to become my Disciple.
To do that, you need to open Mentor Register, search for "Dex Toxic Mirkov" and send request to become my Disciple.
Here's Copy/Paste of my presentation:

"Hi there :) I am accepting Disciples who are active players. It doesn't matter if you are planning to play for free or you will deposit money into game.

What you get by becoming my Disciple:
1. New friend :)
2. Helpful advices about game
3. If needed, I will show you ways to earn PEDs other then usual boring stuff (Sweating for example)
4. Free transportation (if you need to get to some teleport or are stuck somewhere), just don't hit me up 5 times a day :D
5. After you graduate, you are getting armor set worth 80 PEDs and I am getting random item as a present from MindArk. Whatever item I get, you will get 50% of it's TT value as additional present from me for graduation :) So if I get item that has 100 PEDs TT value - you will get 50 PEDs as present :)"

Here's screenshot of one of my graduated disciples "David Parrafo7 s41" getting 50% of item's TT value (in addition to regular society earnings):