How to Earn PEDs by Selling Skills

Basic Info About Selling Skills in Entropia Universe

Whatever you do in Entropia Universe (except walking, running and driving vehicles) will increase some of your Skills. You go hunting - your weapon skills will grow for example... You get hit by mobs - your defensive skills will go up... You mine or craft - some of skills involved in those actions will raise. All of these skills (except Sweat Gathering) are valuable and are well paid (will be explained in next paragraph)...

So, How Does Skills Selling Work?

Sometimes players want to advance in some profession faster then by regular grinding (playing) which requires lots of time and resources. In order to take "shortcut" they simply buy skill implant that was previously filled up with some amount of skills points. One skill implant can only hold points of one skill (so for example - one implant can't hold skill points of evade and dodge at the same time). Prices of skills vary, depending of how much some skill is in demand on market. Amount of skill points in implant also defines price (more skill points in implant = more PEDs).

Extracting Skills Into ESI (Empty Skill Implant) Video

Inserting Purchased Skills Into Avatar Video

My Personal Opinion About Selling Skills For PEDs

Selling Skills for PEDs is good way to earn profit or to break even if you had bad period of negative activities in game that caused big PED loses for you. Selling some skills that you don't really need anymore (for example you were using melee weapons but decided to switch to ranged) is good way to earn PEDs that can later be used to skill up some other desired skills faster. Warning: whenever you extract skills from your avatar you will lose few % of your skill points (of skill you are extracting only, not % of all skills in your avatar).