How to Earn PEDs by Walking for Fruits and Stones in Entropia Universe

Basic Info About Fruits and Stones

Fruits and Stones are valuable resources in Entropia Universe that are used for crafting and feeding tamed pets. Fruits and Stones are randomly generated all over the planets all the time but there's a catch - they can't be seen unless player is walking. If you run - you can't see any Fruits and Stones. Because of this, walking for Fruits and Stones is too boring for most players so Fruits and Stones market is not as close over-saturated as Vibrant Sweat market is. This is good of course, because it allows players to earn good amount of PEDs by selling Fruits and Stones they find.

Walking for Fruits and Stones Guide

First of all, like I already mentioned - in order to find Fruits and Stones on the ground you must WALK. By default, walking and running is switched On and Off by pressing "Q" key on your keyboard.

Next thing you want to do is to lower graphic setting in game to LOW. This is done to remove lots of objects from ground (grass, flowers, rocks textures, etc) so that it is easier to see Fruit and Stones when they appear on ground.

Next important thing is to find area of map that is far from teleports - in other words to find area with low circulation of other players. Why is this important? - My personal impression is that the longer Fruits and Stones remain on ground before being picked by someone - the more loot they give.

My highest findings were around 200 units of Fruits and Stones from a single find, and those high loots were always in deserted parts of map - far far away from teleports and other players.

Walking for Fruits and Stones Video Tutorial

Earning PEDs from Walking for Fruits and Stones

Fruits, Stones and Common Dung can be sold to other players for PEDs.
1.000 Fruits is sold for 10-12 PEDs, 1.000 Stones is sold for 3-5 PEDs and 1.000 Common Dung is sold for 3 PEDs. (prices from December 2017.)

My Personal Opinion About Earning PEDs by Collecting Fruits and Stones

Walking for Fruits and Stones is very good way to earn PEDs in Entropia Universe. It requires your non-stop attention, huge dedication and a bit of luck also. Why luck? - Because sometimes you can walk for whole hour and find almost nothing, while sometimes you can find few 100s of Fruits and Stones in 20-30 minutes.

Is collecting Fruits and Stones better then Sweating? - On average, I think potential to earn PEDs is about the same... Big difference is that when you gather 1k of Fruits or Stones - you can sell them much faster compared to selling Vibrant Sweat.