How to Earn PEDs by Watching Streams

Basic Info About Earning PEDs by Watching Streams

Simple way to earn some extra PEDs and have some fun while You sweat, hunt, mine, craft or just hang with other players in Entropia Universe :)

How to Earn PEDs by Watching Streams

We all know about YouTube, Twitch and similar video/streaming platforms. It came to my attention recently that some of Entropia players who stream are giving free PEDs and/or organizing giveaways on their channels.

[John Three Sixteen] @ Twitch
"John Three Sixteen" is player who streams regularly on Twitch. He organizes PED giveaways few times a week, with max price sitting at 100 PEDs :) Schedule of his streams and giveaways can be found at his Twitch channel.

[Jo Johaoninho90 jo] @ YouTube
"Jo Johaoninho90 jo" is player who organized Entrolympic Events in past few years + various games and giveaways.

[Chukano WrenchCrowbar Crowbar] @ Twitch
"Chukano WrenchCrowbar Crowbar" is another Entropia player who actively streams on Twitch, and organizes giveaways and free reward events.

More Streamers like this will be added over time, as I find them :)