Open Lucky Boxes, Win PEDs :)

Your Entropia Universe Avatar:

* NO REGISTRATION !!!! I Don't need Your email, name, or anything else !!! Just enter Your Entropia Avatar in Form and You're all set :)
* NO INVESTING of any kind !!!! You can not spend Your PEDs here even if You wanted !!! :P :)
* PEDs You earn here will be paid out via in-game trade. We'll meet and I'll trade You Your PEDs. Simple as that :)
* Rewards might be increased in future. I will follow revenue for few months and if there's possibility - PEDs / claim will be increased.
* All players start with 5 claims / day.

* Only 1 Avatar per person/household. Claim for multiple Avatars - You will get banned.

*** More detailed info can be found at FAQ Page