How to Earn PEDs by Joining Society

Basic Info About Society

We are planet Calypso society, created back in December 2015.

We are paying all of our active members 0.03 PED / day - just for being active members of society.
Members can ask for payment once a month or every few days. See proofs of payments below...

Society Rules:
* You will earn 0.03 PED for every day you are online in game.
* For every day You are offline You will lose 0.03 PED of Your earnings.
* If You know You will be offline for some longer period - pm me and tell me to put You on Pause until You return.
* If You go offline for more than 2 weeks without being Paused - You will be removed from the list of members who earn 0.03 PED / day.
* If You go incognito - You will be removed from the list of members who earn 0.03 PED / day.

Why I did this - because I am sick of having members who join soc, go offline for weeks, then come back and ask for PEDs.
You are paid for carrying "" text above Your avatar in game. You are paid for promoting my website in game.
If You are offline, You are not doing what You're paid for...

How to Join Society?

It's simple - use Society Terminal, search for "earnpeds", select Society and request to become a member. We will approve your application as soon as we see it.
* In case you don't know where to find Society Terminal, there's one in Camp Icarus.

Some Interesting Society Stats Society was created back on December 5th 2015.
331,71 PEDs is paid out to active members so far (updated on January 17th 2020.)
Biggest payment so far was paid to player "xx Huslaa xx", it was 15.03 PEDs (paid on July 22nd 2018.)
Almost 470 players (468) have joined Society between December 5th 2015. and January 17th 2020.

Active Society Members Getting Paid

Here are screenshots of some active society members getting paid: