How to Earn PEDs by by Being Payments Representative

Basic Info About Being Payments Representative

As i mentioned in "Websites for Earning PEDs" article, there are 3 good websites where people can take various paid tasks and their earnings in PEDs. People who are transferring your earnings from those websites to your in-game avatar are called Payment Representatives. From time to time, these sites are hiring new members of their team (new payment representatives). Most common reasons for this are: 1. Some of current representatives are not able to do it anymore so website needs replacements. 2. Website gained new members and more payment representatives are needed to share work. 3. Website starts to offer payments on some new planet and needs to have representative there.

How Do You Earn PEDs by Being Payments Representative?

Whenever you make earnings transfer from website to player you get small reward for job done. As payment representative of PedtoClick for example you earn 1% of PEDs transferred to player. As payment representative of EntropiaPartners you earn 0.2 PED for each transaction, regardless of transaction height.

Requirements For Being Payments Representative

Every website has it's rules for payment reps... In order to get hired as PedtoClick representative you must have at least 100 PEDs in your account. To become representative of EntropiaPartners you must have at least 1000 PEDs in account. Of course, you must be known player, with good reputation... No one wants to hire thieves and scammers...

My Personal Opinion About Being Payments Rep.

It's one of rare ways to earn PEDs and to get some "title" at the same time. Revenue potential is not huge but those are free PEDs, earned by doing something that's not too hard or boring.