How To Save PEDs by Being Eco in Entropia Universe


First of all, you have to remember that EVERYTHING in Entropia Universe costs money (yes real money because PEDs have real money value). There are many ways players can earn PEDs in Entropia Universe but there are also ways to save PEDs and lower your expenses. And every saved PED is actually - earned PED :) Some of the steps I will mention might look stupid to people who are depositing money in game (buying PEDs for real money) on regular basis, but for those of us who are not doing it - being eco is a MUST !!!

How To Save PEDs (or How to Be Eco) in Entropia

1. Never Sell Less Then 100 Ammo to TT: I guess you never thought about this but whenever you are selling Ammo to TT (Trade Terminal) you are wasting small part of it if it's not number rounded by 100 units. Let's say you were hunting and you had 15398 BLP Ammunition. You are using Laser Cells weapons so you will simply sell BLP Ammo and buy Laser Cells. So you go to TT, drag 15398 BLP into it and you earn 1.53 PEDs (which equals 15300 BLP Ammo). WHAT ABOUT 98 BLP? - Nothing, you just wasted almost 1 PEC. I know 1 pec is not much but just think about how many times you were selling ammunition without rounding it up by 100 units... And how many PEDs have you wasted already (or how much will you waste in years to come). This is game of high numbers, and small amounts of few 10 of wasted ammo grow over time into huge numbers. Always round up everything you sell by 100.

2. Never Convert Less Then 100 Shrapnel Into Ammo: This is basically the same thing as number 1 from this list. When you convert Shrapnel into Universal Ammo formula goes like this: Shrapnel x 101% = Universal Ammo. So let's say you have 15398 Shrapnel and you want to convert it into Universal Ammo. It goes like this... 15300 Shrapnel will give you 15453 Universal Ammo (15300 + 153) but 98 Shrapnel will give you 0 Universal Ammo. Again, you just wasted 1 PEC...

3. Never Sell Shrapnel to TT: Like I mentioned in number 2 - formula for converting Shrapnel into Universal Ammo is: Shrapnel x 101% = Universal Ammo. When you sell Shrapnel to TT (Trade Terminal) you are selling it for 100% of it's value and therefore you are wasting 1%. It is always better to convert Shrapnel into Universal Ammo and use it (it can be used as ammo for ranged weapons, instead of synthetic mind essence for chips and since December 2015. instead of survey probes for mining tools), or you can sell it to other player for 100.1% - 100.9% of it's value (you gain 0.1% - 0.9% which is better then 0%).

4. Walk When You Can: Vehicles are great, no doubt about it, but they burn Oil - Oil which has it's value. Unless I need to travel fast and there are no aggressive mobs that will attack me and kill me in area I need to go through - I personally prefer walking because it saves Oil and gives me chance to find some fruit/stones/dung at the same time. Opening all Teleports on your planet might also be a good investment for future, because it will cut your travelling costs a lot in months/years to come...

5. Do Not Sell Items With Good Markup to TT: This is one of the most common things where both new and older players waste PEDs... Items in Entropia Universe have: 1. TT Value (for how much item can be sold to Trade Terminal) and 2. Markup Value (for how much item can be sold to other players). If you sell item that has good Markup to TT you are wasting money. Good markup value term has different meaning for different players... Some players consider everything above 110% a good Markup, others above 120%... Some are saving everything and patiently waiting to find buyer who will pay markup value so they could maximize their profit. I personally save everything (even items with 101% Markup) and wait for buyer - but when I am low on PEDs I sell part of items from Storage with the lowest Markup (under 105%).

6. Use Weapons and Tools That Match Your Skills: All weapons and Tools in Entropia have their minimal recommended requirements. If your skills are below those minimal requirements you will be able to use weapon/tool but weapon/tool efficiency won't be maximal. Let's take example of healing tool that has healing range 60-120 and requires Paramedic profession lvl 30. Let's say that cost per every time you use this item is 0.3 PED... If you are new player with low Paramedic profession level you will be able to use this tool but for every 30 PEC you will heal for 15-30 HP only. When your skills raise a bit and you get Paramedic profession lvl 15 - using this tool will cost 0.3 PED but now you will be healing for 35-85 HP. After you reach level 30 of Paramedic profession - costs of using item will still be the same 0.3 PEDs but now you will heal for maximal 60-120 HP. This is how all weapons and tools work so if you want to be eco and get maximum returns from PEDs you spent for using weapon/tool - make sure your skills are meeting minimum requirements (that weapon/tool is maxed).
NOTE: I wrote all values in this example randomly, I did not check if item like this exists or if any item efficiency scales like this. This was just example to explain how it works :)

7. Do Not Wear Armor When You Don't Need It: Wearing armor all the time is another way to waste PEDs... There are moments when wearing armor is needed - for example when you go hunting mobs that are dealing lots of damage or in PvP fights... But if you are joining a group of sweaters and you will form sweating circle - you don't need armor...

8. Do Not Heal Unless It's Needed: For example, you are in sweating group, part of sweating circle... You are hit 2-3 times by a mob and your HP is getting low. Instead of healing yourself be patient and give your avatar chance to regenerate itself over time. Sweating circle is good exactly because mob is attacking randomly people in circle, so each of players in group has time to recover from hits and regenerate part of it's HP. And even if you get killed - so what :) Unless you are sweating at location far away from revival point or teleport (which is very very rare) - you will just run back and rejoin sweating circle like nothing happened. The only exception to this rule is when you are trying to level up your Paramedic profession... If that's the case - heal yourself, everyone and everything around you :)