How to Earn PEDs by Owning CLDs (Calypso Land Deeds)

Basic Info About CLDs (Calypso Land Deeds)

CLDs (Calypso Land Deeds) were the first land deeds introduced into Entropia Universe back in 2011. MindArk released 60.000 of CLDs and each originally costed 1000 PEDs ($100 USD). Each CLD generates passive revenue for it's owner on weekly basis and on average weekly revenue from one CLD is between 2 and 4 PEDs.

* Useful Link - CLD ROI and Weekly Payouts Table.

My Personal Opinion About CLDs

Calypso Land Deeds are by far the best investment in Entropia Universe when it comes to Deeds (compared to AUDs and AMDs). CLDs are pretty expensive these days (August 2019.) since price of one CLD is around 1950 PEDs ($195 USD).

However, if you have some extra PEDs and time to let it gather revenue week after week - you will see nice returns of invested money in few years. One more important fact - value of CLDs increased by more then 100% since they were added to game back in November 2011.
So - players who bought CLDs at 1000 PEDs made over 1000 PEDs passive profit + revenue from weekly shares CLD generated in last 8 years.