How to Earn PEDs by Taming Pets in Entropia Universe

Basic Info About Beautician Profession

Entropia Universe is old game, running since 2003... There are players who are in game for over 15 years...

At some point, probably everyone wants to change something about his/her avatar... Hairstyle, Bodystyle, maybe to add a bit of Makeup...

And this is when Beauticians are needed... Of course, this service costs.
Not as much as plastic surgery in real life - but you will have to pay at least few PEDs if you want to change looks of your avatar. And it's chance for people to earn PEDs by running a beauty salon.

Requirements For Running a Beauty Salon

To run a beauty salon in Entropia Universe you will need to invest between 500 and few 1000 PEDs. Equipment required for Beauty Salon is expensive, plus you must have estate where your beauty salon will be located. Estates in Entropia Universe are pretty expensive and most of your investment will be spend for this.

My Personal Opinion About Running a Beauty Salon

In my opinion running a beauty salon in order to generate revenue and earn some PEDs is not the best decision. Main reason for this is that it requires pretty big investment and potential returns are not so high having in mind lots of players who already run their beauty salons.