How To Earn PEDs by Owning AMDs in Entropia Universe

Basic Info About AMDs (Arkadia Moon Deeds)

AMDs (Arkadia Moon Deeds) are small shares of Arkadia Moon.
Arkadia Studios issued 200.000 of Arkadia Moon Deeds in early 2018.
Each Deed intially costed 50 PEDs ($5 USD) and now (after May 1st 2018) each Deed stands at 60 PEDs / Deed.
Each AMD gains small revenue for it's owner (usually 0.01-0.02 PED / week which is kinda horrible compared to CLD and AUD, knowing that AMD price is just a little bit under AUD price).

NOTE: Players will not be able to trade or sell Deeds until ALL 200.000 Deeds are sold from Entropia shop.

August 22nd 2018: Arkadia Studios announced the launch of Arkadia Moon.

My Personal Opinion About Arkadia Moon Deeds

Arkadia Moon Deeds are bad project in my opinion...
* First of all, I don't like an idea of "freezing" players investements until all 200.000 Deeds are sold from Entropia shop :( Investors should always be able to sell Deeds, even with loses, and get thier money back...
* Second - I'm afraid Arkadia Moon Deeds will cause drop in revenue for people who own Arkadia Underground Deeds...

After disaster MindArk had with ComPet Deeds, I am staying away from any new Deeds that come into game :( My advice is to avoid AMDs, at least until they become tradable in game (will happen when all 200.000 AMDs are sold from Entropia Shop)...

If you really want to buy some Deeds (and you can't afford CLD) - go for AUDs as they are safer investment atm :)