How to Earn PEDs by Offering Taxi Service in Entropia Universe

Basic Info About Offering Taxi Service

Offering Taxi Service in Entropia Universe is good way to earn some extra PEDs. To offer this service you must have a vehicle, so investment of 50-250 PEDs is required (depending of equipment and vehicle you want to buy).

More Info About Offering Taxi Service

Taxi service you offer can be:
1. Planet-wide (from one location to other, both places on the same planet). For this sort of travelling you will need air vehicle. Land vehicles can also do the job but air vehicles are better because you are avoiding all terrain obstacles (mountains, rivers, etc) and all mobs (high level mobs can cause problems and even destroy your vehicle).
2. Space-wide (from one planet to other planet). For this sort of travelling you must have space vehicle (Sleipnir or Quad-Wing). Also you will need an item called Space Thruster. While Sleipnir can do the job and is more eco (has lower Fuel consumption) - if you plan to run serious taxi business Quad-Wings is your goal. Why? Because Sleipnir is very slow compared to Quad-Wing so it is an easy target for space pirates (players who are known for attacking space vehicles and robbing other players in space).

Entropia Space Flight Video Tutorial

Earning PEDs from Offering Taxi Service

You earn PEDs by transporting other players... Usual price of taxi between two locations on the same planet is 0.06 PED / 1km. Price of travelling between two planets varies, depending of distance between planets. Price of your taxi service is your own, you can make it lower or higher... It is up to you to calculate your profit, distance, Oil consumption, planet entering fees (each planet charges 2 PEDs when you want to land), etc...

My Personal Opinion About Earning PEDs by Offering Taxi Service

At some point of playing Entropia Universe you will want/need to travel. You might want/need to get some new teleport on other side of your planet or you might need/want to go into space and visit others planets/asteroids... At that point you will probably want to buy a vehicle... By buying Quad-Wing you are gaining personal transportation and you are becoming capable of earning PEDs by running a small taxi business. A bit larger investment then buying a Helicopter (which i did, noob mistake) or Sleipnir can become your long-term source of income in Entropia Universe... Investment that will eventually pay for itself.