EarnPEDs.com Lucky Boxes Game - FAQ

General Questions
It's a simple way for Entropia Universe players to earn some free PEDs :)
Lucky Boxes Game was created and is sponsored by EarnPEDs.com
Yes, it's 100% free to play.
Also, there is no way for Entropia Universe players to invest their PEDs here...
I don't want Your PEDs, I want to give You some ;)
No !!! No Registration of Any Sort !!!
I know Entropia Universe community and I am aware that many players have issues when it comes to their personal info, email address, etc...
So I am not asking for any of it :)
Funny answer: Because I am extremly good person :) And I am crazy... :P

Serious answer: I can give away PEDs because I earn some money from ADS on this website (not much but enough to cover costs), and part of earned money is spent on PEDs that I give for free.

* I've been giving away free PEDs for years through "EarnPEDS.com society" and this game is my attempt to bring it all to a higher level. :)

Game Economy and Payments Questions
Minimum Payout is 10 PEDs.
I might increase or decrease min payout ammount in future, depending of number of payouts I get to cover per week/month. Also, I need to see how much time will average player need to reach 10 PEDs... If I see that I need to do only few payouts per week/month - minimum payout will go down. If I am facing 100s of payouts a month - it will have to go up to reduce time I have to spend doing trades in game.
Your PEDs will be delivered to You by in-game trade.
After You reach 10 PEDs, msg me in Entropia (my Avatar is Dex Toxic Mirkov), we'll meet somewhere in Entropia (preferably Calypso since I am there 99.99% of time) and You'll get Your PEDs :)
There are 10 Levels of Lucky Boxes. Each Level offers bigger rewards:

Level 1 Box: 0.02 PEC - 2 PEC
Level 2 Box: 0.2 PEC - 4 PECs
Level 3 Box: 2 PEC - 10 PECs
Level 4 Box: 4 PECs - 20 PECs
Level 5 Box: 10 PECs - 40 PECs
Level 6 Box: 20 PECs - 1 PED
Level 7 Box: 40 PECs - 2 PEDs
Level 8 Box: 1 PED - 4 PEDs
Level 9 Box: 2 PEDs - 10 PEDs
Level 10 Box: 4 PEDs - 20 PEDs

At every Level, You have 50% chance to find Empty Box and 50% chance to find some reward.

Finding Empty box resets Your Level back to 1.
Finding Box with some reward brings You to the next Level.

Rewards might be increased in future, if revenue from Ads is big enough to cover rewards increase. I'll know if this is possible in few months... My goal here is to give away most of the revenue from Ads, not to keep 90% of it for myself. I am lucky to live and work in Germany where I earn more money in 1-2 hours on my job then this website earns in a month :)
No, there is no referrals program.
Lucky Boxes Gameplay Questions
All players have initially 5 Boxes to open per day.
There is a 5 minutes timer between opening 2 Boxes.

NO !!! You can only open Boxes for 1 Avatar from Your House.
I know, You all have brother/sister/mother/father/dog/cat/goldfish/whatever playing at laptop or second PC in Your house - I don't care, You can not claim PEDs for their Avatar... Choose one Avatar from Your House and claim only for that one.
Break this rule and Your Avatar will get banned.

Now let me explain why this is important:

1. It is forbidden to have more then 1 Avatar by Entropia Universe Terms of Use.
Under section "2.1. Entropia Universe Account" - it says: "You may only register one Account."
If I catch You having multiple Avatars - I will personally report Your ass to Entropia Admins...

2. This whole thing is funded by Ads... 1 person can bring in only a limited revenue per day, after that he/she can view 1 million Ads on this website - we are not earning anything from it. So, if 1 person is to claim rewards for multiple Avatars - he/she would be draining more money from system then it's planned, leading to decrease in rewards or to complete suspension of this game over time.

Remember, I am not spending my money on this - I am using Ads revenue as funding source. If there is no revenue - I am shutting this down...
So - play honestly, do not cheat and this can run for years :)