How To Earn PEDs by Owning CPSs in Entropia Universe

Basic Info About CPSs (Crystal Palace Shares)

CPSs (Crystal Palace Shares) are small shares of Crystal Palace Space Station.
There are 500.000 of Crystal Palace Shares, issued at May 2nd 2019 and became tradable at October 24th 2019.
Crystal Palace revenue is generated from hunting activity in the four Crystal Palace biodomes (caves not included). 95% of this revenue is paid as dividends to CPS owners. Each CPS initially costed 10 PEDs ($1 USD) and their price fluctated between 16 and 19 PEDs since then. CPS can be bought and sold at Entropia Exchange (hold right click at PED card in your inventory).
Each CPS gains small revenue for it's owner (usually 0.01-0.03 PED / week).
* CPS Weekly payouts table at Planet Calypso Forums

My Personal Opinion About Crystal Palace Shares

Crystal Palace Shares are kinda in the middle, compared to other Deeds in Entropia Universe.
They are better then AMDs, but worse then AUDs and CLDs.

If you really want to buy some Deeds (and you can't afford CLDs or AUDs) - go for CPS as they are better then AMDs :)