How to Earn PEDs by Owning ComPet Deeds in Entropia Universe

Basic Info About ComPet Deeds

ComPet Deeds are deeds similar to AUDs and CLDs - in other words ComPet Deeds will be small contracts/shares between MindArk (owners of and players.

In December 2016. ComPet Game left Beta testing phase and became public. It was said ComPet Deeds will start generating passive revenue for Deed owners starting early January 2017. and revenue will be paid out to deed holders at start of every following month. However, this never happened - and ComPet Deed holders still did not get a single payout so far (December 2017.)

ComPet Deed holders revenue is based on revenue of ComPet Game. MindArk said 30% of all profits generated by ComPet Game will be shared with ComPet Deed holders.

There is 200.000 ComPet Deeds, each was originally sold for 100 PEDs in ComPet Web Shop ($10 USD value).
Since May 17th 2016. ComPet Deeds can only be purchased inside Entropia Universe Auction House (ComPet Web Shop was closed) and price of Deed is raised from 100 to 120 PEDs.

More Info About ComPet Game

I recommend to visit official website of ComPet Game, and to search for information at it's source.

My Personal Opinion About ComPet Deeds

I was one of ComPet Beta testers... Game has changed and saw many improvements since Beta period started. Game is now nicely polished product, ready for players and for generating income for both MindArk and ComPet Deed holders.

Revenue per ComPet Deed won't be great in the first few months because players base has just started growing - so don't expect unrealistic amounts of PEDs / month.

But if someone asks me ere ComPet Deeds worth buying - I would say yes... Yes because price of ComPet Deeds will only go up as time passes (and revenue from Deeds grow), at least that is my opinion.