Learn Affiliate Marketing: From Basics to Expert

What The **** Has Affiliate Marketing to Do With Entropia Universe???

Today I will talk about something not directly linked to Entropia Universe, but about something that might be interesting for lots of Entropians.
Everyone who has ever joined Entropia did it with mindset to make some money out of playing it. That is just a fact, and no one can prove me wrong about it !!! If it wasn't the case - people would move to some other game with better gameplay, graphics, etc...
Making money in Entropia is very very hard, at least enough of it to make a living... So why not try to make money online the way millions are doing it every day - through affiliate marketing? :)

Basic Info About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the most popular way people use to make money online in last decade or even more. Path from being beginner to becoming affiliate marketing expert (or guru as some ppl like to call it) is long and very hard.
It is long because it takes time to learn lots of things and gain knowledge needed to successfully promote some product... It is very hard because You will need to fall and get up several times before You can say that You will be able to sell/promote just about anything You think of...
Failed promotional campaigns, unoptimized landing pages, being scammed by product owners, etc... All of these are normal things in affiliate marketing business. However, I have found awesome website that is an online school for affiliate marketers (for both newbies and experienced ones)...
In this article I will say few words about that affiliate marketing school and why I have recommended it to all of my colleague webmasters.

Few Words About Wealthy Affiliate - Online School I Mentioned

Wealthy Affiliate offers everything a complete newbie needs on his way to become affiliate marketing guru. There are hundreds of text/video guides and tutorials covering every single aspect of affiliate marketing business.
They have a bootcamp which is an online course for beginners where they guide newbies step-by-step from making their first website and selecting niche/product they want to promote - up to level where they are making hundreds/thousands in commissioned sales per month.
When and if You get stuck at some point, other Wealthy Affiliate members (and sometimes even Wealthy Affiliate owners) will help You either with advices or with problem solutions.
By being Wealthy Affiliate member You will feel like a part of huge team, like a part of big online family... Surrounded by thousands of successful affiliate marketers can do wonders for Your confidence, knowledge and in the end for Your revenue.

I am living from my online business since 2005. - but regardless of that, I am still learning new stuff on Wealthy Affiliate website all the time.
There are so many aspects to affiliate marketing industry that one can never know everything. There is always some new to see and learn.
And that is where Wealthy Affiliate is THE BEST - You have knowledge from thousands gathered in one place... And served in beginner friendly way.
Also, one very important fact - You don't need to pay for it. You are perfectly fine as free user - You can read what other members are publishing and You can gather lots and lots of knowledge for free. Paid members have some advantages of course, but You will never be forced to pay for anything.
After some time spent here, You will see if affiliate marketing is for You or not... If You see that You understand new things fast and that You have potential - You should definitely go further and see how far You can get !!!
That will be the moment when You should upgrade to paid membership and get access to some premium tools that will make Your life as affiliate marketer much easier. For someone this moment might come after a week, for others after a month or two...
Whatever You do - take Your time and do not move further until You have understood everything from previous lesson/tutorial. Your main goal here is to LEARN, You are not here to go through all tutorials and lessons in 2-3 days and get out of them with zero knowledge.

Anyway, if I wanted to write everything about Wealthy Affiliate I would probably need few days.
I think this article has enough info to point You into the right way...
I have opened the door of Your potential affiliate marketing career - You are the one who must walk through them and grab this potential life changing opportunity :)

P.S. If You think becoming successful marketer is impossible because You have zero knowledge about it - I will just tell You that I started working and learning back in December 2004 (I just turned 21), I was using Dial-Up connection, I didn't have place like Wealthy Affiliate to guide me and I didn't have credit card to pay for anything I needed to start. Also English was/is not my native language, I learned it in school and over the years through video games, on the Internet, by watching movies and series, etc...
But I have never gave up, NEVER !!! I worked 6 months and had less then $50 a month revenue in that period. Revenue sucked but I was happy because I was learning new stuff all the time... In period 2010-2013 I was earning over $1300 a month... It was my personal peak, my current revenue is lower but I am working hard to get back to $1300 a month (or even go higher)...
So, if a 21 years old kid with catastrophic conditions and zero knowledge could do it - everyone can !!! Don't be lazy, don't stop Yourself from giving it a shot - register free account at Wealthy Affiliate and start learning today :)