How To Earn PEDs With

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This article was originally written back in early 2016. and since then StuffPoints had some serious problems that caused long delays in members payments...
Because of this I am not able to recommend this website anymore (at least until they sort out their problems and get back everything in order)... I have created new article with alternative ways of earning PEDs in 2018. and You can find it here -> How to Earn PEDs in 2018.

Introduction is the biggest website where you can earn PEDs at the moment, but strangely most of Entropia Universe players are not familiar with it. It is very simple - you earn Points by doing various tasks and when you reach 10.000 Points you can request payout and convert them to 75 PEDs. In this tutorial i will explain the best Points earning strategy in my opinion... So let's start :)


First step is easy and straightforward - you need to register account. Make sure you are using valid email address and that you have filled registration form with valid information. * Site stated that they are having problems with sending emails to Hotmail, MSN and Outlook email addresses. If you are using one of these 3 you might consider using other email, like Yahoo or Gmail.

The First Login Into StuffPoints Members Area

As soon as you login into StuffPoints members area, probably the first thing you'll see is top menu.

1. "Earn Points" is where all offers for earning Points are listed.
2. By clicking "Win" - you will see few options that might reward you bonus Points on daily basis.
3. "Rewards" is list of everything you can buy with Points, make sure to check it out because list is HUGE.
4. Next part of top menu is your Points counter that will show you how many Points you have.
5. The last but not the least important is Your Profile...

Completing Your StuffPoints Profile

The first thing you should do is to complete your StuffPoints profile... Click on Your Profile in top menu (Number 5) and select Settings - or simply follow this link.
Make sure you have used correct email... If everything is ok move to Address Book page.
Here you should enter your valid address (not email but your home address). Click "Submit Address" to save it.

Next Step - Moving on to Fanaru Website

First of all - few words about It is social network owned by where you are earning Points for being active on site.
To create your Fanaru profile click one of the two links at StuffPoints Home Page i marked on picture above.
After creating profile at Fanaru you will be level 0 and you won't be able to earn any points until you reach level 1... To get level 1 you need to confirm your email address and to upload avatar for your profile. To further increase your potential for earning Points you will need to reach levels 2 and 3... To reach level 2 you need to upload 5 desktop wallpapers that will be approved by site moderators (and another 45 for level 3)... More info about levels can be found here. Good thing is that you will earn Points for uploading wallpapers... After you reach level 3 you will be able to easily earn 500+ Points a day.

Advanced Tactics for Earning Points

Visit my Fanaru profile... You can see i am level 3 and that i am moderator in lots of fan clubs (all clubs in my profile with YELLOW BORDER). This means that as moderator i am allowed to approve 11 pictures/wallpapers a day in my fan clubs (11 for all clubs summed up, not 11 for each club). This also means that i can make you level 3 in 5 days... All you need to do is to upload enough wallpapers of good quality, size and description into my fan clubs.
Before you start i recommend to send me pm in Entropia Universe, my avatar name is Dex Toxic Mirkov, just to make sure you did everything correctly...

500+ Points a Day

After you reach level 3 you will be able to create your fan clubs, to write reviews and to become moderator in fan clubs created by other members.
1. You can earn 165 Points for approving pictures/wallpapers every day (11 x 15 Points).
2. You can earn 1-20 Points for every uploaded picture, avatar, wallpaper... Another few 100 Points every day.
3. Writing reviews of Movies and TV Shows will be another 100+ Points for each approved review.
4. Creating Polls/Trivia and Referring Active Members are good long-term Points sources. Every time some member answers poll or trivia you have created you will get 1 Point. You earn 15% of all Points that your active referrals earn, so the more of them you have - the more Points you earn.

Why is it Important to Reach 500+ Points a Day

All Points from Fanaru account are transferred to your StuffPoints account after you request withdrawal at Withdraw Page. All withdrawn Points will be counted as Points from doing offers and tasks, so if you withdraw more then 500 Points you will get free bonus 50 Points which is not bad at all.

Final Words...

As you can see, you can easily earn few 100 Points every day from Fanaru site. By doing few more StuffPoints surveys or tasks every day you will for sure reach 500+ Points every day... And you will be reaching 10.000 Points every few weeks... * If you have any questions about StuffPoints or Fanaru - feel free to pm me in Entropia (Dex Toxic Mirkov) and i will try to help :)

Bonus Screenshots

1. One of my 500+ Points Withdrawals from Fanaru

2. Points I got for Uploading Wallpapers

3. Points I got for Moderating Pictures/Wallpapers

4. Proof That 500+ Points a Day on Fanaru is Possible

5. 50 Bonus Points Received, After 500+ Points Withdrawal From Fanaru