Advanced Tactics/Strategy For Earning PEDs

Attention, Please Read

This article was originally written back in January 2016. and part of info in it is a little bit outdated...
Because of that, I have created new article and You can find it here -> How to Earn PEDs in 2018.

Short Introduction

Those of you who know me in Entropia know that I am constantly looking for new and better ways to earn PEDs. Two days ago I started using new strategy and so far I have earned around 30 PEDs (which is a lot more then I managed to earn by doing anything else in or outside Entropia game)...
One important difference in this strategy compared to, for example, using websites for earning PEDs is that you will not have to do surveys that will tell you "You are not qualified for this survey" after you already wasted few minutes doing it.

To be able to use this strategy you will need Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube accounts (or at least some of them)... Also you will need to have browser that uses tabs, which is basically any modern web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc)...

Plan in Short:
We will use few websites for earning real cash, transfer our earnings to PayPal or Neteller account and then buy AUDs in Entropia Universe Online Shop for more economical shopping then buying PEDs (i will explain later)...

Step 1. - Registrations

First of all you will need to register at websites we will use so I will give whole list here. Also I will explain what are we going to use each website for (and why)...

Website 1. - Our Main Money Maker
Registration Link - This website will be our main money maker... Here I have earned 1.7 Euros (around 20 PEDs) in 2 days for doing stuff that I do anyway (browsing Internet, Facebook, YouTube...)
Here You will earn money for:
1. Visiting and liking Fan Pages on Facebook
2. Visiting and following Twitter Profiles
3. Giving +1 to various websites from Your Google+ account
4. Watching YouTube videos (just watching, not subscribing or liking)
5. Visiting various websites
6. Bringing new members/referrals (15% of your referrals earnings)

Website 2. - First Additional Money Maker (Online Radio)
Registration Link - This website will be our first additional money maker...
I started using Online Radio offer from this website because it pays 5x better then Radio from EntropiaPartners.
Here you will earn 0.01 USD every 30 minutes (0.1 PED). EntropiaPartners Radio earns only 0.2 PED in the same amount of time (0.01 PED in every 10-17 minutes).
In last 2 days I have earned 0.27 USD from their Radio which is almost 3 PEDs...
There are of course usual ways to earn additional money here (like clicking on ads, doing tasks, paid surveys, etc) but I am not using them... If I were, I would be probably making a lot more money per day but I am just too lazy to bother with that stuff :D

Website 3. - Second Additional Money Maker (Auto Surf)
Registration Link - This website will be our second additional money maker...
I am using this website because I can leave it active in one browser tab and it keeps earning money for me. In my opinion it is the best autosurf website in the World. Site is owned by German company and I am using it as promotional tool for some of my other websites since 2012.

Website 4. - Good Way to Get Referrals (Traffic Exchange, Optional)
Registration Link - This website is only promotional tool and can't be used for making money (at least not directly)... I am using this website to promote my referral links or my other websites.


1. I open Entropia, go to and join Sweating circle at Royal Club / Boreas / Nea's Place.
2. At the same time I open all websites above in Firefox (1st Tab Website #1, 2nd Tab Online Radio, 3rd Tab AutoSurf, 4th Tab Traffic Exchange).
3. Then I turn on Traffic Exchange bar in 4th Tab (it has validation every 20 seconds but does not require Tab to be active all the time).
4. Every few minutes I refresh Tab #1 to see if there's some new offer I can click on.
5. Every 20-30 seconds I check out Tab #4 to click validation in order to get credits...
6. Don't forget to check out Sweating circle also, being afk for too long is not going to get you lots of Sweat :)
* Tabs #2 and #3 are on auto-pilot and require almost no attention at all.
* You want to check Radio Tab every 30 minutes to complete captcha in order to get paid and you want to check AutoSurf Tab from time to time to see if it didn't stop.
*** If you are not using Traffic Exchange Website in 4th Tab, you have time to do some other offers from Website #1 to increase your earnings...

Withdrawing Earnings and Buying AUDs (NOT PEDs)

UPDATE January 29th 2016. - This strategy does not work anymore because earlier today the last AUDs were sold in Entropia Universe online shop and they can't be purchased anymore. So the only option left is to buy PEDs.

We will withdraw earnings from these websites to PayPal account (or Neteller in case you don't have PayPal)... Then we will use PayPal/Neteller to buy Arkadia Underground Deeds in Entropia Universe online shop. We will NOT buy PEDs. Why buy AUDs and not PEDs? For 10 USD you will get 95 PEDs from Entropia Universe online shop. For 30 USD you will get 285 PEDs... However, if you are patient and wait a little bit, for 25 USD you can buy 5 AUDs and sell them in game for more them 50 PEDs each (atm price of 1 AUD is between 54 and 60 PEDs). So, in the worst case you will earn 270 PEDs from 25 USD (5 AUDs x 54 PEDs). 30 USD for 285 PEDs or 25 USD for 270-300 PEDs, which one looks better? :)

Final Words and Few Advices

First of all, I want to talk about the only "bad" thing about this strategy - it takes some time to gather money to reach minimum for payout on these websites.
Payouts minimums are as high as 15 Euros for some of them and you will probably need few months to get there. But when you do - your earnings will be few times higher then if you were using "websites for earning PEDs"...
If you are ok with being paid less for your work so you can get your earnings sooner - websites for earning PEDs are your best choice.

This article was written at January 19th 2016. If you are reading it few weeks/months later make sure to:
1. check out price of AUDs in game
2. do calculations and compare which is better at that moment (buying PEDs or buying AUDs)
Also you might want to bookmark this article and check it out from time to time for updates... I will continue to look for other ways to improve this strategy and if I find something - article will be updated. Open all websites in tabs of your web browser and mute browser tabs where Radio and AutoSurf are opened (tabs can be muted in Mozilla Firefox, I'm not sure about other browsers)... This way you won't have to mute your speakers :)