How to Earn PEDs in 2019.


This article was written back in early 2019... There is new and updated version at - How to Earn PEDs in 2020.

1. - Earning PEDs Inside Entropia Universe

Active Revenue Sources:
Most common ways to earn PEDs in game are gathering Vibrant Sweat and collecting Fruit.
In last few years (2016, 2017 and 2018) we have witnessed big drops in prices of Vibrant Sweat and Fruit:
* Vibrant sweat price dropped from 1.5 PED / 1k (December 2016.) to 1.1 - 1.2 PED / 1k (February 2019.)
* Fruit price dropped from 13 PEDs / 1k (January 2016.) to 7-8 PEDs / 1k (February 2019.)
Both prices of Vibrant Sweat and Fruit will most likely continue to go down in 2019 :(

Passive Revenue Sources:
The only true passive revenue sources in game are Deeds (CLD, AUD, AMD)... All of these will earn some small amount of PEDs for You, even if You don't play a game at all.
The other source I will mention is not 100% passive since it requires You to play game, but You are passivelly rewarded for that with 0.03 PEDs / day. Check out Society Page for more info regarding this.

You can always try to earn PEDs inside Entropia by offering service like Taxi, Healing or similar stuff - but most of those areas are over-saturaed by too many people offering the same services.

2. - Websites for Earning PEDs Outside Entropia

At the moment, there are only 2 websites where You can earn PEDs (3rd website, PEDtoClick, is closed):
1. Lucky Boxes Game where You can open few boxes / day for chance to earn some free PEDs. There's also an Offers Page as part of "Lucky Boxes Game" where you can do some offers or simple tasks for even more PEDs.
2. Entropia Partners - is still running and paying it's members in 2019.

Here's screenshot of the most recent payment I received from Entropia Partners (March 2019):

3. - Websites for Earning Money

List of websites I use to earn money and deposit it into Entropia did not change a lot. Two websites I have recommended as "main earners" back in January 2016. (Fanslave and ySense (old ClixSense)) are still here, and still paying their members in 2019. I use these websites to earn some small amounts of cash by doing easy tasks like watching YouTube videos, trying out Apps (mostly games) or liking Facebook Fan Pages.

Here are screenshots of some (not all) recent payments I received:

4. - Apps for Earning Money

This list got updated a little bit compared to 2018... One App stopped paying (Whaff), so I removed it from list. The other 3 Apps are re-evaluated and listed below:

* Slidejoy is App that "rents" Your lock screen and displays advertisements for various products or websites. You can close any Ad by simply dragging Your finger across the screen and that's it... I earn few cents from this App / day - that's 0.3-0.5 PEDs every day for, well... - for doing nothing. Make sure You select "NORMAL" mode during registration, otherwise Your earnings will be donated to Red Cross or similar humanitarian organizations :D :D

* Applike.
Unfortunately, list of offers in Applike App largely reduced in 2018, so it is much harder to earn money now :(
This App pays You for testing various games and Apps... You can install App, open it and keep it open for as long as You like... You will keep earning points for as long as installed App is opened... At start You will earn points after 1 minute, next payment will be after 1.5 minutes, next one after 2.5 minutes etc... The amount of time between payment cycles increases, as well as amount of points You will earn in each payment cycle. Points You earn from testing can be exchanged for Gift Cards or PayPal cash. I took PayPal and bought PEDs with money earned :)

* The last App is Collekt.
In last few months there were delays with payments here, they are still paying but delays might be a warning sign that they might stop paying in future... Be careful here, if You want to use it - request payouts as soon as You reach minimum.
This App gives You some small amount of free points every day for just keeping it installed on Your phone. They offer other ways to earn money also, but even if You do nothing - You still earn a little bit every day. You will get 200 Points (20 cents) after registration as gift.
I have already received many payments from Slidejoy, Applike and Collekt so I can guarantee all are good and trustworthy. As stated above, avoid Whaff App since they stopped paying.

Screenshots of App payments... To be honest, I am too lazy to take them... All 3 Apps are paying atm, and if they stop - I will update this list and remove bad ones like I did with Whaff :)

Final Words

By combining all of the methods above, You can for sure earn some PEDs to get Your game off the ground (or to slowly increase value of Your avatar) :)

By combining:
1. Sweating, Trading, Passive Revenue from Deeds and finding Fruit/Stones
2. Entropia Partners
3. Websites for Earning Money
4. Apps for Earning Money
I manage to earn 50-100 PEDs / month (I used to earn 2-3 times more before but I am not as much active as before so my earnings dropped)

Well, that was all I had to say :)
I wish You all lots of fun and good loot in Entropia Universe in 2019. :)